June 10, 2011
Alcoa Fjardaál signs wage agreement with AFL and Rafis

Wage agreements were signed in Reydarfjordur earlier today, between Alcoa Fjardaál on the one hand and AFL Labour Union and Rafis Union of Icelandic Electrical Workers on the other. For the main part, the new agreements are based on the same salary changes as the recent public wage agreements, but they also include some specific new issues.

This is the second time that these parties sign a wage agreement. The new agreement is valid from May 1st 2011 to January 31st 2014. One of the changes from the former agreement is that now there is a salary table involved, which lists skills and experience. There is also a clause on the Fjardaál Industrial School, which will start a basic course of study this fall, and from 2012 it will offer an advanced course of study.
The new agreements fortify the employees' union-related position, they contain a priority clause and increase the number of union representatives. They also enhance the workers' rights to further education.
Now, the agreements will be introduced to union members, who will vote on them. The results of the voting are expected on June 23rd.

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Agreements signed

From the signing ceremony. Sitting, from left: Ísleifur Tómasson, Rafís, Hjördís Thóra Sigurthórsdóttir, AFL, Tómas Már Sigurðsson, Director of Alcoa Iceland and Óskar Borg, Alcoa Fjardaál Procurement Manager.