February 19, 2009
Draft joint EIA scoping proposal submitted for Bakki-related projects

Alcoa, Theistareykir ehf., Landsvirkjun and Landsnet hf. are now working together on a joint Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a smelter in Bakki by Húsavík, the Theistareykir Power Project, Krafla II Power Project and the transmission lines from the geothermal areas to Bakki.

In accordance with the Minister for the Environment‘s decision of 31 July 2008, the projects are subject to an joint EIA, according to Paragraph 2, Article 5 of the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment No. 106/2000. The EIA covers the four projects above.
A draft scoping proposal for a Joint EIA of the four projects has been submitted to the Planning Agency along with new scoping proposals for the Theistareykir Power Project and Krafla II Power Project. The Planning Agency has already accepted Landsnet‘s scoping proposal for high voltage power lines to Bakki and Alcoa‘s scoping proposal for the Bakki smelter.
The EIA process has started and the draft scoping proposal for a Joint EIA for the four projects is available here (only in Icelandic). The document is open for comments until March 6th, 2009. Comments should be sent by e-mail to rb@mannvit.is or albert@lvp.is, or by surface mail to:
Mannvit hf.
b.t. Rúnars D. Bjarnasonar
Grensásvegi 1
108 Reykjavík, Iceland

Draft joint scoping proposal

You can view and download the proposal,(only available in Icelandic).
download (3.1 MB)