November 28, 2008
Icelandic National Planning Agency agrees initial assessment report on Bakki aluminium smelter

In accordance with Article 8 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act, the Icelandic National Planning Agency has reviewed Alcoa's proposed environmental assessment plan for an aluminium smelter at Bakki by Husavik, along with the opinions and comments received by the agency.

The Icelandic National Planning Agency agrees to the proposed assessment plan with the additions made by Alcoa and with several comments. The Icelandic National Planning Agency's decision can be read on the agency's web site (in Icelandic only):
Alcoa in Iceland is pleased with the National Planning Agency's conclusion. It confirms that the assessment plan has been well drafted, enabling full effort to continue in the assessment of the environmental impact of an aluminum smelter at Bakki.
It should be stated that the decision relates solely to an assessment of the environmental impact of the aluminum smelter. An assessment plan is then expected for a joint environmental impact assessment of the aluminum smelter, Theistareykir Power Station, Krafla expansion and power line from Krafla and Theistareykir to Bakki.