July 18, 2008
Alcoa presents revised draft EIA proposal for an aluminum smelter at Bakki by Husavik

Alcoa presents a revised draft of proposal for an environmental impact assessment for an aluminum smelter in Bakki by Husavik, N-Iceland, with a productive capacity of 250,000 to 346,000 tons per year. The draft (in Icelandic) is accessible on the web pages of Alcoa (http://www.alcoa.is) and HRV (http://www.hrv.is). The deadline for submitting comments is through 6 August 2008.

The first draft of the EIA proposal for an aluminum smelter in Bakki at Husavik was advertised last June. That plan was based on the assumption that available energy in the area would suffice for an aluminum smelter of 250,000 tons. Alcoa has expressed interest in utilizing more energy for the smelter, should it become available, and build a smelter similar to Fjardaal in Reydarfjordur, E-Iceland. Some of the comments received on the original draft, from the municipalities in the area amongst other, were on the proposed production capacity of the smelter. In light of this it has been decided to begin the assessment process again and evaluate the environmental impact of an aluminum smelter with an annual productive capacity of 250,000 to 346,000 tons, which is the same as Alcoa Fjardaal’s capacity.
The Alcoa aluminum smelter falls under Act no. 106/2000, as amended, on environmental impact assessments, under Article 5 and paragraph 5 of Annex 1 of the act. Alcoa is the project owner, but HRV Engineering will carry out the assessment of environmental impact.
The proposed evaluation plan briefly describes the planned project, as well as how the project accords with the area's planning. There is an explanation of which parts of the project and the environment will be emphasized most in the initial report. There is also discussion of the observations and exploration planned under the auspices of the project owner, and a summary is given of the current information that has already been gathered. The preparations for the project will also be discussed, and a summary of the stakeholders and agencies to be consulted in the assessment process will be set out.
Alcoa urges the general public and others to send pointers and comments to Arnor Th. Sigfusson (HRV Engineering, Bildshöfdi 9a, 110 Reykjavík, arnor.sigfusson@hrv.is), before end of 6 August 2008. The final proposed evaluation plan will detail the pointers and comments received on both drafts.