June 13, 2008
Evaluation process started for aluminium smelter in Bakki at Husavík

The evaluation process for an aluminium smelter in Bakki at Husavík has begun. Construction of an aluminium smelter with an annual production capacity of 250,000 T is being considered.

The Alcoa smelter falls under Act no. 106/2000, as amended, on environmental impact evaluations, under Article 5 and paragraph 5 of Annex 1 of the act. Alcoa is the project owner, but HRV Engineering will carry out the environmental impact evaluation. A draft of the proposed evaluation plan for the project can be viewed at the websites of Alcoa (http://www.alcoa.is) and HRV (http://www.hrv.is). This presentation will continue until 5 July 2008.
The proposed evaluation plan concisely describes the planned project and project area as well as how the project conforms to the area's organisation. The proposal explains which aspects of the project and the environment will be emphasised most in the initial evaluation report. It also discusses which observations and tests are planned under the auspices of the project owner, and an overview is provided of the available information, and when it will be gathered. Also, the preparation of the project will be discussed and an overview presented of the stakeholders and agencies that will be consulted in the evaluation process.
Alcoa urges the general public and others to send pointers and comments to Arnór Th. Sigfússon (HRV Engineering, Bíldshöfdi 9a, 110 Reykjavík, arnor.sigfusson@hrv.is). The final proposed evaluation plan will give an account of the pointers and comments received.