June 9, 2007
Grand opening of Alcoa Fjardaál in Reydarfjordur, Iceland

The grand opening of the new Alcoa Fjardaál smelter in Reydarfjordur, Iceland, was celebrated in the town of Reydarfjordur on Saturday. The people of East Iceland, employees of Alcoa Fjardaál and Alcoa Inc. and guests enjoyed varied festivities at this landmark event for the history and regional development of the area.

Among those speaking at a formal ceremony in the morning were Alain Belda; CEO and president of Alcoa Inc., Geir H. Haarde; prime minister of Iceland, Tómas Már Sigurdsson; managing director of Alcoa Fjardaál, Helga Jónsdóttir; mayor of Fjardabyggd and Riley Bechtel; CEO and chairman of Bechtel. The formal ceremony was followed by tree planting at the smelter site and then general festivities for the whole family took place all around the town of Reydarfjordur.
Tómas Már Sigurdsson, managing director of Alcoa Fjardaál said on the occasion: “Today we at Alcoa Fjardaál celebrate a milestone with our community in East Iceland and the people who have worked so hard at making this aluminum smelter a reality. We have utilized the best knowledge and technology available, both when it comes to the aluminum production itself, protection of the environment and constructing one of the most modern and technologically advanced aluminum smelters there is."
Geir H. Haarde; prime minister of Iceland said “Alcoa Fjardaál will be a tremendous lever for the economy of East Iceland and a great addition to Icelandic economy and society in general.”
“The community took Alcoa well from the beginning and it has kept its duties to the people of the area faithfully,” said Helga Jónsdóttir, mayor of Fjardabyggd. “The tremendous construction in the area in the past few years has gone very smoothly, whether you look at employer’s safety, environmental matters or communication with the society here in East of Iceland.”

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Greeting on the Grand Ceremony.

Alain Belda, CEO and president of Alcoa Inc., in tribune on Alcoa Fjardaal's Grand Ceremony.