April 18, 2007
Feasibility studies to continue

The parties working on feasibility studies regarding a smelter in Bakki, i.e. Alcoa, Norðurþing municipality and the Ministry of Industry of Iceland, will continue the feasibility studies in close collaboration with Landsvirkjun and Landsnet.

The prospect of adding a new primary aluminum smelter based on renewable geothermal energy, while bringing additional stable long term well paid employment to north Iceland, creates additional incentive to fully explore the possibilities that this unique opportunity represents.  
“It is a pleasure to continue working on the Bakki project in cooperation with Alcoa and the authorities.  If the smelter does eventuate as a result of these studies, it will have very positive impact on the development of our community.  That is what we need,” says Bergur Agust Eliasson, the Mayor of Nordurthing Municipality.
 “Alcoa is delighted that both the Municipality and the Ministry of Industry are agreeable to continuing these studies.  This is truly a collaborative effort and the spirit of cooperation and support that exist between all three parties provides an excellent foundation for working together to make this project a success.”  Said Bernt Reitan, Alcoa executive vice president and president Alcoa Global Primary Products.

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Bakki by Húsavík

The intended smelter site at Bakki by Húsavík. Photographer: Kristján Th. Halldórsson