December 29, 2006
A majority approval towards a smelter at Bakki

According to a new opinion poll by Capacent Gallup 58,2% approve of the planned smelter construction at Bakki. Only 27,7% are against the construction and 14,1% of those who participated were neutral. A healthy 75,8% of those living in Húsavík approve of the construction and only 17,9% are against it. Almost 900 people in North-Iceland participated in the poll, one of three opinion polls Capacent Gallup has conducted for Alcoa Fjardaál.

The survey also reveals that the majority of the participants in North-Iceland is positive towards Alcoa Fjardaál. 58,7% of them are rather or very positive towards the company. Only 19,5% are negative towards Alcoa Fjardaál.

A recent poll in the central East-Iceland displayed a great deal of support for smelter construction and Alcoa Fjardaál. 83,9% of the people are positive towards the company and 82,2% are positive towards smelter construction in Reydarfjördur.

The third poll ,which was conducted nationwide, showed a 50% support for Alcoa Fjardaál while only 26,8% of the participants were negative towards the company. 23,2% were neutral. 75% of those living in the North-Iceland area approve of the smelter construction in Reydarfjördur and 75,9% are positive towards Alcoa Fjardaál.

When asked about their opinion on a smelter in Reydarfjördur 51% approve while 29% disapprove. The percentage of those who approve of the smelter construction has dropped a bit since a similar poll was conducted four years ago. At that time 53,7% approved of the construction. In April 2004 the approval rate was at an all time high at 65,2% but this summer it was a low 50,5% during the controversy regarding the Kárahnjúkar power plant.