A Joint Action Plan on Location Studies

Representatives from Invest in Iceland, Alcoa, the municipalities of Skagafjordur, Husavik and Akureyri, as well as representatives from the Akureyri Region Business Agency and the Thingeyja-County Business and Development Center, initialized a Joint Action Plan (JAP) yesterday on a location feasibility study for a possible smelter in North-Iceland.

The JAP involves a co-operation between the parties on various studies, aiming for March 1, 2006 as the date for all neccessary information to be available in order to make a decision on whether, and where, preparations for possible smelter construction could take place. Furthermore, possibilities for secondary aluminum production will be studied.
According to the JAP, studies will be conducted by Húsavík, in Eyjafjordur and in Skagafjordur. These involve extensive research on a number of issues, such as air dispersion, earthquake risks, harbour facilities and environmental concerns. There will also be a feasibility study on a smelter project in North-Iceland, power availability studies in these areas, studies on the transmission of power, and a socio-economic study in each of the potential locations.
An especially appointed Project Management Team will work on the progress of this issue.