Towards the future: Sustainable development


Sustainable development has always been a key component of Alcoa's growth strategy. Over the last two decades Alcoa has formalized this commitment and charted specific objectives for balancing and optimizing environmental, economic and social goals over the long term.


Fjardaál is the first new smelter that Alcoa has built in twenty years and the company’s benchmark smelter. As such, Fjardaal is a leading example of Alcoa's global commitment to the spirit and practice of sustainable development.


A part of this policy is to concentrate on the aluminum production itself, and outsource various supporting services to other companies and thus enabling them to grow and develop in East-Iceland. Fjardaál and the Alcoa Foundation have provided financial support to many significant community projects in East-Iceland. Alcoa Fjardaál encourages its employees to participate in volunteer programs that enhance the community and provides financial support to the NGO they work for.


A key part of Alcoa's sustainability policy is to maximize relationships with Iceland-based partners to promote growth and sustainable development in East-Iceland. For example, during the construction of Fjardaal, Alcoa iniatiated the Alcoa and Landsvirkun Sustainability Initiative with Iceland's national power company, which supplies the smelter with renewable hydropower. The partnership's objective is to maximize the positive social and economic benefits as well as the environmental performance of both companies' operations in the region. (For the latest progress report of this initiative, see the link below.)


In January 2008, Alcoa was named as one of the most sustainable corporations in the world in the fourth annual Global 100 ranking of the top role models in sustainable business practices  at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In September, 2008, Alcoa announced that it had been selected as a component of the North American Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The inclusion in the index marks the seventh year in a row that Alcoa has been a part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. Selection is based on an analysis of a company’s economic, environmental and social performance.


The Alcoa and Landsvirkjun Sustainability Initiative Website

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Alcoa's global sustainability web site

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NEWS: Alcoa again named one of the world's most sustainable companies at Davos

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Alcoa Fjardaál's EHS-Policy [364KB]


2020 Strategic Framework for Sustainability 

Developed in 2000 by an internal worldwide team that analyzed environmental and social trends since 1990 and looked 20 years into the future, Alcoa's 2020 Strategic Framework for Sustainability has since evolved into a comprehensive roadmap for our businesses and locations to integrate all aspects of sustainability into their day-to-day operations.

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Sustainability Highlights Report

Every year, Alcoa publishes "Sustainability Highlilghts" from all over the world.
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Alcoa Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Alcoa announced in September 2008 that it has been selected as a component of the North American Dow Jones Sustainability Index
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Read the 2013 Europe Sustainability Report. go