The workplace


At Alcoa Fjardaál, we work according to certain work processes. Teams of employees work on these processes to constantly review them, and each team has a wide-ranging field of work.


Together, aluminum production and casting form the core process in the Fjardaál smelter. Enabling processes, for instance the human resources process and procurement process, provide support and services for the core process. While each team has its own coach, employees share the responsibility for their work processes.


The modern smelter offers a variety of jobs and our employees handle many challenging tasks. They get training for most tasks in their work process and regularly circulate between work areas. Interested employees can request job training in different fields within the company and work there for a while, as a part of their job. Thus, we try to ensure that work at Alcoa Fjardaál is always variable and challenging. We want our people to know as much as possible about every part of our operations and that the teams work closely with each other.



The Alcoa Fjardaál canteen offers healthy and delicious foods made by Lostæti's chefs - and the view is absolutely stunning, as the photo shows.