Education and Training


All jobs in a modern, technologically advanced smelter call for some kind of professional knowledge. Whichever position they may have, and whatever education they possess, all Fjardaál employees must enhance their expertise in order to perform their job in the smelter. All employees receive education and focused training, which includes information about aluminum production, the Fjardaál operation, and environment, health and safety issues.


Fjardaál emphasizes continuous education for the company's employees, which should benefit both themselves and the company. It enables them to maintain their skills and knowledge and also to acquire new skills, which helps them meet new challenges and take on various jobs within the smelter.



All of Fjardaál's crane operators are well trained in a unique crane simulator, which simulates the environment within the smelter. Nobody gets to operate a crane until he or she is fully confident in the operation of the simulator.