A diverse workteam


Alcoa is growing its businesses around the world. To sustain that growth, we need talented, highly motivated people—individuals who want responsibility from day one and the opportunity to make a career with us. In return, we offer a company that values the same things you do, from the environment to family to the community.


It is Alcoa's policy to create and nurture a working environment where the key words are: changes, development, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunities. Wherever Alcoa operates, we place the welfare of our people at the forefront.


Alcoa Fjardaál employees count around 450 people. Almost one-third of them are women, which is the highest percentage known in Alcoa's smelters worldwide. The age range of employees is 18 to 70, with diverse education and experience. Around 20% of them have a university degree, another 20% a vocational college degree and 60% with all kinds of different education and background. All employees are trained and educated especially for the kind of work they perform.


There are many kinds of jobs in the smelter, and employees move regularly between positions. Security is our first priority. People work in teams with wide-ranging tasks and responsibilites. The salary is competitive and employees are rewarded in many ways for doing a good job. Alcoa Fjardaál wants the workplace to be family-friendly and offers many kind of services for the employees' families.