Alcoa.comMaking History and Shaping the Future

From the first manned flight at Kitty Hawk to the lunar landing at the Sea of Tranquility and beyond, Alcoa solutions have helped shape every major advance in aviation. In this site we tell how Alcoa played a part in a dozen of some of the most recognized milestones in the first 100 years of aviation.

Alcoa begins the second century of aviation with a new vision for aerospace metallics. Alcoa's businesses serving the aerospace market are dedicated to a reducing the weight and cost of aerospace metallics.

We are committed to providing solutions that fit our customers' needs, just as we did our first customers... two brothers from Dayton, Ohio (USA) who needed some aluminum for a new invention they were working on.

We will lead the second century of flight through close collaboration with our customers... just as we did with the Wright Brothers and all the leaders in aviation who followed them in the first 100 years of flight.

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