Alcoa's operations consist of four worldwide business groups: 1) Engineered Products and Solutions (EPS), 2) Global Rolled Products (GRP), 3) Global Primary Products (GPP, Alumina and Primary Metals) and 4) Transportation and Construction Solutions (TCS). The Company discusses the groups in terms of downstream, midstream (also downstream and midstream collectively, the “value-add businesses”) and upstream (also the “commodity business”) as its products range from post-production and point of sale to exploration and production, respectively.

Downstream | Engineered Products and Solutions; Transportation and Construction Solutions

Engineered Products and Solutions
A diversified portfolio of four businesses, with a core focus on solutions for the aerospace market:

  • Power and Propulsion: Superalloy airfoil and titanium and aluminum structural investment castings for aerospace, defense, energy and industrial markets
  • Fastening Systems & Rings: Multi-material fastening solutions and seamless rings for aerospace and industrial applications
  • Forgings and Extrusions: Large and complex, multi-material fabricated parts and structures used across various end markets such as aerospace, automotive, defense and oil and gas.
  • Titanium and Engineered Products: Advanced titanium and other specialty metals products and services to the commercial aerospace, defense, oil & gas and medical device markets.

Transportation and Construction Solutions
Delivers multi-material, value-added solutions focused on two strategic markets:

  • Building & Construction Systems: Commercial architectural systems including building facades, walls, store fronts and windows
  • Wheel & Transportation Products: Forged aluminum vehicle wheels for commercial transportation

Midstream | Global Rolled Products

This segment is structured into two market-facing business units:

  • Global Packaging: Rigid container sheet used for beverage and food cans, industrial packaging and specialty foil in Brazil; and
  • Aerospace, Transportation and Industrial: Aluminum plate and sheet developed for these three end markets.

Upstream | Global Primary Products

Focused on all aspects of aluminum production: mining, refining, smelting, casting and energy.

  • Alumina: This segment mines bauxite, which is then refined into alumina. Alcoa is the largest global bauxite producer and world's leading producer of alumina; and
  • Primary Metals: The worldwide smelter system produces primary aluminum used by Alcoa's fabricating businesses and sold to external customers and traders. Our operations also include power facilities, which generate approximately 20% of the power used at Alcoa's smelters worldwide. Two-thirds of our global smelting capacity is supported by renewable based energy.