How can I get money for recycled aluminum cans?

Alcoa buys aluminum from dealers, but not from individuals. However, you can take your aluminum cans to your nearest scrap dealer. Alcoa offers a U.S. Recycling Center Locator.

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What kind of carbon footprint does the production of aluminum create?

While the production of aluminum is an energy-intensive process, once the aluminum is made, it actually reduces the carbon footprint of everything it goes into. Because the lighter cars, airplanes, and other forms of transportation made with aluminum parts use less fuel, they also have lower emissions. In fact, our research has shown that by 2020 the emissions of the entire aluminum industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector's increased use of aluminum parts. To learn more about what Alcoa is doing as good stewards of the environment, see our Sustainability Report.

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My neighborhood doesn't offer curbside recycling. How do I recycle my aluminum?

We recommend that, in those areas where there are no curbside recycling programs, consumers contact a local scrap dealer to recycle. Alcoa offers a U.S. Recycling Center Locator. Thank you for recycling aluminum!

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My uncle told me he used to collect aluminum pop tops to raise money for charity. Is there any way I can collect pop tops for a fundraiser?

The best way to start an aluminum recycling fundraising program is to contact a local scrap dealer who will buy aluminum CANS -- not pop tops -- from you. We buy bulk scrap aluminum from dealers but not from consumers.

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Where can I request Alcoa publications or reports?

You can view electronic versions or request print copies of many Alcoa publications on Alcoa.com. Go to our Invest page to see our current and past Annual Reports. You can also see our corporate and regional Sustainability Reports.

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What happens to the Earth after you dig out the aluminum ore?

We put it right back the way we found it. Alcoa is a leader in mine rehabilitation, with long-established and successful mine rehabilitation programs. In fact, you can read more about our efforts to restore the land we use to its original state, by browsing Australia's country site or our case studies on Alcoa.com.

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If producing aluminum is so energy intensive, what is Alcoa doing to control the emissions produced by its factories?

The biggest energy component is electricity, and Alcoa's preferred form of electricity is from renewable sources, like hydropower. Some of the world's first hydropower projects involved Alcoa plants, and today our smelter in Iceland is 100% hydro powered. Check out our Energy Programs and Actions page and our Energy website to find out more about what Alcoa is doing to incorporate sustainable, renewable sources of energy into our aluminum production processes.

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