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Alcoa in the News
October 19, 2016 Alcoa Inc. Announces Revised Record Date for Quarterly Cash Dividend for Common Stock

October 13, 2016 Alcoa Corporation and Arconic to Host 2016 Investor Events

Alcoa's presence in Suriname extends back to 1916.  The business, now known as Suriname Aluminum Company, L.L.C. (Suralco L.L.C.), originally focused on mining bauxite, an ore from which alumina is extracted and used to make aluminum.  In 1958, Suralco signed an agreement with the Suriname government to develop the country's hydropower and bring the aluminum industry to the country.  Today, Suralco produces approximately 3,150 metric tons of alumina each day at its Paranam location.


SURALCO donates land to organizations in Para
In the Corner House on Monday May 21, 2012 some organizations from the district of Para were invited to receive a donation from the Suralco in the form of lots that they had been using for years with permission of the former Billiton Maatschappij Suriname –BMS- (currently Alcoa Minerals of Suriname) and where they set up structures for the local communities. The following organizations were eligible for this donation: 1. Islamic Association Ramadja Islam, gets the lot at Smalkalden at which they built their mosque with permission of the BMS. 2. RC Diocese, the lot at Onverdacht on which the Andreas church is currently located. 3. The congregation Paramaribo Jehovah's Witnesses, the lot at Onverdacht on which currently their Kingdom Hall is located. 4. CCS, the lot at Onverdacht where currently the library is located. 5. The Moravian Church Suriname (EBGS), the lot at Onverdacht on which currently the EBGS church Billiton is located. According to Mr. Pasiran of the Islamic association Ramadja Islam, it is an honour to belong to the group of beneficiaries that was eligible for this donation. He indicated that not only companies, yet also other institutions such as religious organizations work on the development of Suriname. “Not only in the area of religious matters but as our name shows, we also organize social activities for among others the elderly,” the proud representative of the Islamic community stated. Irene Tholen, Environmental and Community Relations manager, believes that this event is very special. It fits within the pursuit of the Suralco L.L.C. to contribute to community development. She endorsed that which Mr. Pasiran brought forward and indicated that by granting this donation, the Suralco wanted to emphasize its social responsibility in this community. During a festive service of the EBGS congregation of Onverdacht, on Sunday May 20, 2012 the chair of the Para Region, Mrs. Pelgrim, stated that such an initiative again shows that the operations of the bauxite company are not only aimed at the company itself, but also at the progress of the local communities. The president of the EBGS, Mr. R. Pansa, indicated that he will continue to remember Suralco in his prayers to God. “We as a community will also benefit when things go well for the Suralco,” Pansa said.