Environment, Health and Safety

Starting with safety

We believe everyone has a role. As One Alcoa, we put the well-being of every employee, temporary worker, contractor and visitor before profit or production to ensure safe work practices, and we know that our Alcoa Care for People includes keeping facilities safe. A culture of safety is the foundation of our business.

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Sustainability at Alcoa

Advancing sustainably

We extract, process, and refine the most recyclable mineral on earth. And the aluminum we produce plays a key role in meeting the needs of a sustainable society. We are proud of our commitment to excellence in environmental, social and governance practices. We have been recognized as a leader in sustainability from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, and we’ve earned certifications from Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), the industry’s most comprehensive system to verify responsible production.

Our ambition to reach net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 across our global operations complements our existing environmental targets that includes reducing direct and indirect emissions. We are developing new technologies that will help us unlock decarbonization at scale.

Improving Our Footprint

Exploring our path toward net zero

Alcoa’s ambition to drive toward net-zero is aimed at ultimately helping to create a more sustainable aluminum value chain that enables a low-carbon future. We intend to continue the development of game-changing technologies, including the ELYSISTM zero-carbon smelting process and creating a Refinery of the Future that could use mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) and electric calcination to reduce emissions in the alumina refining process.

Alcoa invented the inert anode technology for aluminum smelting that serves as the basis for the ELYSIS joint venture. This technology emits pure oxygen and eliminates GHG emissions associated with the traditional process to make molten aluminum.

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Case Studies

Transforming ideas into innovation and impact

Every day, Alcoans are seizing opportunities to make a difference in our industry, both through our processes and our products. We work to reduce waste, protect our environment and improve our communities. We are building upon our legacy to meet the needs of our customers and our communities, turning ideas into innovation and impossibility into impact. Discover how Alcoans are finding new ways to change the industry and shape the world we live in.

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Reports and Policies

A culture of transparency

We are committed to transparent and thorough reporting on our sustainability performance. We work closely with stakeholders and industry associations on our efforts, and when compiling our annual Sustainability Report, we follow the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Standards as well as the International Council on Mining & Metals' (ICMM) Principles and Position Statements.

Other Statements and Reports

As a signatory to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Alcoa supports enhancing the transparency of mineral revenues. We believe that engaging with and supporting governments that implement EITI’s principles helps to ensure mining revenues are used appropriately to address a host country’s and host community’s social needs. We will disclose contracts with governments related to minerals development, where they are not subject to a confidentiality undertaking and encourage governments to allow such disclosure. Alcoa believes it is important to be transparent in the countries where we mine bauxite so that communities and other stakeholders have a clear understanding of our economic contributions.

For more information:
We publish an annual Tax Transparency Report in Australia, while in Brazil, Alcoa reports consolidated financial performance publicly, including royalties and tax payments. An overview of taxes and royalties paid by region can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Agência Nacional de Mineração
  • 850.580/2003
  • 751.777/1996
  • 850.011/1991
  • 850.010/1991
  • 808.954/1975
  • 808.953/1975
  • 850.376/2003
  • 850.056/2003
  • 850.357/2001
  • 850.133/2006
  • 850.026/2001
  • 850.506/2000
  • 850.505/2000
  • 850.504/2000
  • 850.577/2017
  • 850.576/2017
  • 850.091/2020
  • 850.968/2010
  • 850.352/2010
  • 850.351/2010
  • 850.350/2010
  • 850.355/2001
  • 850.338/2001
  • 850.337/2001
  • 850.336/2001
  • 850.335/2001
  • 880.113/2002
  • 880.112/2002
  • 850.243/2002
  • 001.275/1961
  • 001.276/1961
  • 001.277/1961
  • 001.278/1961
  • 001.606/1940
  • 002.586/1935
  • 003.242/1936
  • 000.370/1956
  • 003.869/1958
  • 004.173/1943
  • 005.550/1957
  • 005.799/1959
  • 000.689/1956
  • 807.681/1977
  • 807.682/1977
  • 807.683/1977
  • 808.027/1975
  • 809.358/1975
  • 811.195/1972
  • 008.122/1956
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  • 008.850/1941
  • 807.899/1975
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  • 815.274/1971
  • 820.606/1996
  • 830.619/1979
  • 830.952/1987