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Whether it's specialty alloys, registered alloys, or set-up standards, Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards has the aluminum analytical reference materials you require to satisfy your laboratory needs. We successfully produce high quality aluminum analytical reference materials with unique compositions for the worldwide aluminum industry. A team of experts, based at  the Alcoa Technical Center, engage in every aspect of the standard manufacturing process from casting to certification. Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards allow your laboratory to verify analysis capabilities by providing aluminum analytical reference materials that are known for their certification accuracy and homogeneity.



                     SCS's Fact of the Month 


The uncertainty on the certificate of analysis (COA) is the interval within which the true value of the element is expected to fall with a 95% confidence.  This was never intended to be used for process control within the lab.  Recent improvements in our certification process have enabled us to decrease the uncertainty band on the certificate.   While the smaller uncertainty band represents an overall improvement in the certification process, it may have unintended consequences in the lab.  Previously, by coincidence, the uncertainty stated on the certificate of analysis was similar in magnitude to the uncertainty typically observed in a lab.  As a result, many labs used the COA uncertainty to assess when it was time to standardize the spectrometer.  This was a convenient coincidence but it is important to recognize that the COA uncertainty does not represent the analysis variation that a production lab would observe.  


Click here for more information regarding the difference between certification uncertainty and within lab analysis uncertainty. 



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Specialty Standards will no longer be offered in 1" (25mm) thick sections.  They will now be produced as 1.5" (38mm) sections. A half ingot will consist of 10-1.5" sections and a whole ingot will consist of 20-1.5" sections. This will increase the amount of useable material for our customers.


Typically when the standard becomes too thin to safely machine, it must be properly disposed. By making the sections larger, there is less scrap resulting in increased useable material.


Note: If 1" sections are required, additonal charges will be incurred.