Aluminate - Alcoa Recycling's iPhone App


Recycling app Aluminate™ is part of a company-wide initiative to raise recycling rates to 75% by 2015.



Earning cash by recycling aluminum cans is more convenient than ever! Alcoa Recycling's Aluminate app gives you all the tools you'll need to keep track of all the aluminum cans you've recycled, and tells you how much money you may earn by taking them to your nearest recycling center.



One can, CAN make a difference. Download Aluminate today and get started!  Look for this app icon in Apple's App Store.


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Set a recycling goal in dollars or cans


Set a recycling goal based on cash you'd like to earn or number of cans. You can also click the italicized "i" next to "Can Weight" to change the rate-per-pound assumption from $0.50 per pound (just an average) to whatever your nearest recycling center is paying!  Use our Recycling Center Locator to find them and call them!

Track daily progress with charts and graphs and share on Facebook


Track your progress by entering number of cans you've recycled each day.  Upload a picture to your profile. Click "Share" to share your progress on your Facebook wall or via email.  Click "Graph" to see a line-chart of your activity.


Find nearest recycling center using built-in GPS or ZIP


Find your nearest recycling center using GPS or ZIP. Click our interactive map and you will see a button to "Call" your nearest recycling center. Ask them how much they are paying per pound of aluminum cans recycled. Our app uses $0.50 as a default assumption, but we give you the option of changing it by clicking the italicized "i" next to "Can Weight" on the Goal tab.


Learn how convenient recycling aluminum can be


Go to the Recycling tab in the app to watch fun videos, learn fun facts about recycling, and learn how to start your own fundraiser.  Also, don't forget to check out the Social tab where you can LIKE Alcoa's Facebook page and follow Alcoa on Twitter.