Offshore or On Land, Alcoa Oil and Gas Helps You Go Farther. 


Alcoa aluminum drill pipe used in shale and other ERD applications

Drilling deeper, faster, and farther. Alcoa Oil and Gas is in business to help oil and gas drillers extend their reach, and maximize the productivity of their existing equipment.


Whether it’s engineered forgings and extrusions or super-strong, light weight aluminum alloy drill pipe, Alcoa Oil and Gas offers customized solutions specific to the oil and gas industry. We tackle unique applications and demanding challenges head-on. And we bring to the table a higher level of thinking and a wealth of resources to solve the toughest problems, from design to delivery. In addition to best-in-class aluminum alloy drill pipe, Alcoa’s aluminum alloy technology enables the construction of high-strength, low-weight risers, already proven in demanding deepwater applications.


Our extrusion technology and leading edge forging facilities offer dramatically reduced manufacturing costs, increased capacity and throughput, and improved product performance.


Alcoa’s fabricated products encompass advanced, engineered fasteners and investment castings as well as flat and rolled products, offering the marketplace the global expertise of Alcoa in components. Further supporting this product offering is the Alcoa Technical Center, demonstrating a commitment to working with customers to solve complex problems.


The Alcoa Technical Center. Innovative Solutions That Go Beyond Materials.


New developments in Alcoa aluminum for oil and gas

Housing the world’s largest light metals lab, the Alcoa Technical Center serves as a resource for our customers. Here, our team of professional scientists and researchers offer a full range of solutions from concept to completion. In addition, we maintain design and development practices with a strong focus on sustainability.


The Alcoa Technical Center employs more than 500 scientists, engineers, and support personnel, offering capabilities from bench to production scale. Our deep level of expertise spans physical, mechanical, and process metallurgy; thermodynamics; phase transformations; corrosion and electrochemistry; applied metallurgy and mechanistic materials.


All this knowledge and experience comes together within a highly collaborative work style. Alcoa works in close cooperation with you to develop solutions tailored to a wide variety of applications. In brief, we want to help you solve your problem, regardless of how challenging it is, or whether or not it has been done before.


The Alcoa Connection.


Alcoa Oil and Gas is a division of Alcoa, a global innovation leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing and multi-material solutions that advance our world. Its technologies enhance transportation, from automotive and commercial transport to air and space travel, and improve industrial and consumer electronics products. Alcoa also enables smart buildings, sustainable food and beverage packaging, high-performance defense vehicles across air, land and sea, deeper oil and gas drilling and more efficient power generation. The company pioneered the aluminum industry over 125 years ago, and today, 58,000 people in 30 countries deliver value-add products made of titanium, nickel and aluminum, and produce best-in-class bauxite, alumina and primary aluminum products.