Aluminum Conveyor Pipe Systems Add to Vessel Capacity.


Large Alcoa aluminum conveying pipe for deepwater operation

Alcoa’s aluminum conveyor pipe system is comprised of specially formulated alloy aluminum tubing and HOF coated quick-connect fittings. Designed to deliver superior performance in even the most demanding applications, this unique system brings a number of advantages to deepwater conveying. Almost 50% lighter than conventional steel pipe conveyor systems, this advanced designed aluminum design often allows existing vessels to double the depth at which they can operate – up to 2,000 meters.


Proven in a number of demanding conveying applications, the Alcoa system offers a number of critical advantages that make it superior to steel conveyor pipe, as well as to the conventional bucket and chain system often used in conveyor pipe applications. Alcoa conveyor pipe offers an optimal combination of stiffness, light weight, and strength – properties critical to the success of even the most challenging deepwater rock-dumping operations.


Because of their light weight design and ease of handling, these systems facilitate rapid deployment and decreases running/retrieval time. In addition, a protective liner of advanced, wear-resistant material is fitted in each pipe section for added durability.


Superior to conventional methods.


Because of its superior strength-to-weight ratio, the Alcoa conveyor pipe system is superior to conventional steel pipe. Its inherent lightweight design reduces the weight burden on the service vessel by almost one-half. In contrast to plastic bucket and chain systems, aluminum conveyor pipe systems offer significantly more accurate placement of material, even in rough seas.


Product Specifics


  • 40’ lengths
  • IDs from 10” to 27”
  • Wall thicknesses of 1” or more
  • 12m-long connecting joints
  • Forged and precisely machined quick-connect fittings with HVOF coating for added durability
  • Friction-welding of all tubes