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A worker in the Flat Rolled Products division of Alcoa Trasformizioni Srl.-Fusina, Italy adjusts the guides on the cold mill before checking the surface quality of the coil.

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Alcoa Fusina
Located on the shores of the South Channel in front of Venice Lagoon, Alcoa operates the Fusina rolling mill. The plant was originally acquired from Alumix (an Italian state-owned company) in 1996. Alcoa Fusina manufactures flat rolled aluminium products such as sheet, shate, plate, tread plate and coil with a major focus on the transportation and marine markets.
Alcoa Fusina
Alcoa opera attraverso il laminatoio di Fusina, situato sulle rive del canale Sud di fronte alla Laguna di Venezia. Lo stabilimento è stato originariamente acquisito da Alumix (società di proprietà dello Stato italiano) nel 1996. Alcoa Fusina produce prodotti laminati in alluminio, come lamiere, piastre, piastre temprate e nastri con un'attenzione particolare ai mercati del trasporto e marino.
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Alcoa Trasformazioni srl
Via dell'Elettronica, 31,
30176 Fusina (Venezia)

phone: +39 041 2917200
fax: +39 041 2917250

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Fabricated Aluminum Products

  • Administration
  • Flat Rolled Products

Sales Contacts for Flat Rolled Products

phone 39 041 2917200
fax 39 041 2917386
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Together, Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation donate millions of dollars in community investment grants in Alcoa communities worldwide.


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Alcoa Servizi srl
Via dell'Elettronica, 31
30176 Fusina
(Venezia) Italy

39 041-2917200 (switchboard)
39 -041-2917610 (HR Service Delivery)