Alcoa Howmet's reliable, top quality products range from investment casting raw materials and equipment to finished castings. Browse this catalog to review our offerings and capabilities. Put our vast industry experience to work for you by calling us today. Contact information is immediately available for all of our products.

Product Categories

Alcoa Howmet's primary business is the manufacture of precision investment castings that meet our customers' specifications.

Investment Casting Materials
Trust Alcoa Howmet for your investment casting raw material needs!  From wax to alloy and cores to crucibles, Alcoa Howmet can supply many of the materials you need.

Innovative services are a growing part of Alcoa Howmet's business. This catalog will familiarize you with our service offerings and capabilities. From analytical laboratory services to finished-casting processes, Alcoa Howmet can help your business reduce costs and improve quality while simplifying your supply chain. Contact us today for additional information on any of our services.

Service Categories

Alcoa Howmet has been providing sophisticated coating services to the aerospace and power generation industries since 1963.  The advanced coatings supplied by our Whitehall, Michigan and Branford, Connecticut facilities are designed to extend the operating life of the most complex components by providing them with the highest degree of protection against the damaging effects of oxidation and corrosion.
We specialize in the coating of hot-section components cast in nickel-based alloys with equiax, directional solidification and single crystal orientation.  Alcoa Howmet's coating operations can also fulfill many of your welding, brazing and stripping needs.

Contract Management
Alcoa Howmet is an end-to-end investment casting solution provider. We take pride in adding value to our relationship by taking responsibility for managing the investment casting process.

Design Engineering
"We Turn Vision Into Reality"

Hot Isostatic Pressing


Testing Laboratory

Titanium Ingot