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  Alcoa International (Asia) Ltd (Hong Kong) Alcoa (China) Investment Company Limited  Bohai Aluminum Industries, Ltd.† Alcoa International (Asia) Ltd., Shanghai Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings -- Suzhou, China Alcoa Wheel Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Alcoa (Kunshan) Aluminum Products Company Ltd.
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Country City Products Name
China  Investment and Management
Arconic (China) Investment Company Limited/奥科宁克(中国)投资有限公司 
  Trading and Distribution
Arconic (China) Trading Company Limited, Beijing Branch 奥科宁克(北京)贸易有限公司 
Arconic Asia Pacific Management Co. Ltd. 奥科宁克亚太管理有限公司 
  Shared Services
Arconic Investment Company Limited, Shanghai Branch/奥科宁克(中国)投资有限公司上海分公司 
  Hong Kong Trading and Distribution
Arconic International (Asia) Limited/奥科宁克国际(亚洲)有限公司 
  Hong Kong Distribution/Logistics
Hong Kong Aerospace Operations 
  Kunshan Brazing Sheet
Alcoa (Kunshan) Aluminum Products Company Limited /美铝(昆山)铝业有限公司 
  Nantong Aerospace Components
Nantong Operations 
  Qinhuangdao Shared Services
Arconic (China) Investment Company Limited, Qinhuangdao Branch 奥科宁克(中国)投资有限公司秦皇岛分公司 
  Qinhuangdao Sheet and Plate
Arconic Bohai Aluminum Industries Company Limited/奥科宁克渤海铝业有限公司 
  Suzhou Wheel Products
Arconic Wheel Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd./奥科宁克车轮产品(苏州)有限公司 
  Suzhou Industrial and Aerospace Fastening Systems
Suzhou Operations - Fastening Systems 
  Suzhou Rings
Suzhou Operations - Rings 
  Suzhou Industrial Park Administration
Alcoa Titanium & Engineered Products