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Alcoa's founders discovered how to make pure aluminum and created a new industry the world over. Explore the amazing process of turning a four-ton truckload of dirt into a ton of aluminum.
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See how aluminum is made
View a three-minute video that shows the complete aluminum production process.

Alcoa Trademark History

"Alcoa Can't Wait"
In the mid 70's, Alcoa commissioned a theme song for radio and TV advertising that was full of hope for a brighter future. Today, the 'Tomorrow' that we sang about back then is coming true — and we still can't wait for what's next!

1976 folk song

1970s TV commercial
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Alcoa's 125th Anniversary

Click below for a brief, interactive overview of Alcoa's first 125 years.


Biography of Charles Martin Hall, aluminum pioneer and Alcoa founder


Aluminum Smelting Technical Article

In-depth technical discussion of the principles of smelting, including chemical reactions and process details.

Smelting illustrated

View a cross section of an aluminum smelting 'pot' showing the key elements of the process.

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