June 20, 2014

Landor Associates wins Cannes Lion in the inaugural year of the product design category for Central Park Conservancy receptacles

NEW YORK - Landor Associates, one of the world’s leading strategic branding and design firms, today announced it won one of the first Lions ever awarded in the inaugural product design category at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The agency won the award for its Alcoa-sponsored design of the Central Park Conservancy’s recycling receptacles. Landor had two other projects short-listed in the design category: typography for Advent and both small-scale logo and consumer product packaging for Less wine.
“We couldn’t be more proud of our work with Alcoa on the Central Park Conservancy’s recycling receptacles,” said Lois Jacobs, chief executive officer for Landor. “The team took inspiration from elements already in the park to create something exceptionally beautiful, functional, and essential to the surroundings. We’re honored that the judges understood our vision for this work and awarded us this significant win.”
Under a grant from Alcoa Foundation, the Central Park Conservancy in New York engaged Landor to help develop a new waste and recycling program that included the design of a custom waste receptacle. After performing an audit of waste and recycling methods from parks and cities around the world, Landor created not one, but a suite of three receptacles. The receptacles target the specific needs of the park based on real data about what is discarded by the park’s 40 million annual visitors: newspapers and magazines, bottles and cans, and all other waste. Other park “inhabitants” (of the rodent kind) were also considered.
Doug Blonsky, chief executive officer at the Central Park Conservancy, said, “We couldn’t be happier about Landor’s win at Cannes. Our collaboration included Landor, Alcoa, and the Conservancy’s staff and gardeners working together through field visits, meetings, and discussions to arrive at this beautiful solution.”
 “We are proud that our infinitely recyclable miracle metal is showcased in Landor’s beautiful receptacle design and that millions of people use them to recycle every year in Central Park. We hope this inspires parks around the world to use sustainable materials as they implement recycling programs,” said Klaus Kleinfeld, chairman and CEO of Alcoa. “We congratulate Landor, the Central Park Conservancy, and our team at the Alcoa Technical Center on this great win.”
Landor’s team considered the work of Central Park’s original designers Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux and used the ubiquitous park bench as its inspiration. The design was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Conservancy and also create a visual gestalt to encourage park users to throw out their waste. The tilt of the vertical slats, the spiral flow of the lid, and the placement and orientation of the typography all draw the eye up and into the receptacle’s aperture. Landor partnered closely with the Alcoa Technical Center (ATC) on the feasibility of the designs; ATC made material recommendations based on the initial 3-D and 2-D designs and tested numerous aluminum alloys and manufacturing methods. The receptacles are designed and manufactured in the United States from a strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant material of 30 percent recycled content that is infinitely recyclable itself.
Held annually in the south of France, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications. Benchmarking innovation in anything from mobile devices and billboards to design and branded content, the festival is the home of great ideas that change the ways brands interact with their customers.
This year was the first for the product design category, defined by the jury as “the applied use of physical products in aiding the communication of a brand ethos as well as its “ability to have a positive impact on improving people’s lives.” The Central Park Conservancy receptacles won in the well-being and environmental impact category, which aims to solve real-life problems.
Landor was awarded a gold in 2013 for its design of the packaging for Nine Suns wine.
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