April 21, 2014

Alcoa Employees Pitch In For Fourth Annual Environmental Campaign

In celebration of environmental holidays including Arbor Day, Earth Day and World Environment Day, thousands of Alcoa (NYSE: AA) employees around the world are coming together from April 21 to June 21 to clean up and volunteer towards environmental causes in their communities.

Green Works was launched in 2011 to extend Alcoa’s environmental responsibility into our communities by leveraging our nonprofit partnerships and employee engagement as well as several initiatives at Alcoa, including: Earthwatch Institute, Ten Million Trees, and Make an Impact, which all focus on Alcoa Foundation’s core environmental priorities to Reduce, Recycle and Replenish.

“During this two-month period Alcoans volunteer their time to bring our Environmental Health and Safety values to life,” said Esra Ozer, President, Alcoa Foundation. “Last year, teams of Alcoans in hundreds of communities around the world made a meaningful impact to protect our natural environment. We look forward to hearing the stories and results from this year’s Green Works participants.”

In 2013, Alcoa employees recycled 45,000 pounds of electronics and 50,000 pounds of aluminum cans, led 110 environmental education workshops, and rehabilitated 50 rivers, parks and recreation areas. In addition, employees volunteered over 100,000 hours to plant 75,000 trees in support of Alcoa’s Ten Million Trees campaign.

2014 Regional Highlights
Hundreds of service projects are planned in Alcoa communities across the globe. Below are a few examples:

• Asia: Alcoa employees will plant flowers, help with the maintenance of delicate trees, and clean up sidewalks.
• Australia: Alcoa of Australia will partner with Conservation Volunteers, Greening Australia, Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre and some of their local schools to build gardens and a vegetable patch, repair and build new habitats for wildlife and host educational workshops.
• Brazil: Alcoa volunteers will plant trees, educate the community about the importance of recycling, and revitalize under-resourced schools with eco-friendly service projects in partnership with ECOA Program during World Environment Day.
• Canada: In partnership with Tree Canada, Alcoa volunteers will plant trees, targeting local school areas without green areas. They will also partner with Mira Foundation to collect and responsibly recycle ink cartridges and cellular devices.
• Europe: In Hungary, Alcoa employees will plant trees in Veszprém and create more green spaces at local nurseries and kindergartens. They also plan to collect hazardous and electronic wastes from employees’ households to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. In Germany, Alcoans will build and plant flower beds to brighten the outdoor space of a community nursing home. At Alcoa Europe’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, a group of Alcoans, family members and friends will combine wellness and the environment by participating in the 20km Lausanne Marathon, a run through the scenic Lake Geneva area. Alcoa Norway will facilitate workshops to help the community identify ways to recycle, reduce or sell waste from the smelters.

• Russia: Alcoa employees will plant 2,000 trees throughout Samara and will participate in a major clean-up of the banks of the Kalitva river.
• United States: Across the U.S., Alcoa employees will beautify parks, teach students about recycling, host electronic recycling drives and plant native trees. Some highlights include Alcoans manning the water distribution booth and heading up recycling for the Special Olympics track and field event in Knoxville, TN, and Alcoa Wenatchee Works employees in Washington commuting to work on two wheels for the 2014 National Bike to Work Day on May 9.
About Alcoa Foundation
Alcoa Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., with assets of approximately $470million. Founded 62 years ago, Alcoa Foundation has invested more than $590 million. In 2013, Alcoa Foundation contributed more than $22 million to nonprofit organizations throughout the world, building innovative partnerships to improve the environment and educate tomorrow's leaders for careers in manufacturing and engineering. The work of Alcoa Foundation is further enhanced by Alcoa's thousands of employee volunteers who share their talents and time to make a difference in the communities where Alcoa operates. Through the Company's signature Month of Service program, in 2013, a record 62 percent of Alcoa employees took part in nearly 1,300 events across 24 countries, benefiting more than 505,000 people and 1,900 nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit www.alcoafoundation.com and follow @AlcoaFoundation on Twitter.