September 16, 2018

Day 2 - Sunday, September 16, 2018

Written by Claude Thierge, Quebec (photos attached)

Today, I participated in collecting data that indicates how the trees here are growing day after day. The researchers we are working with take the time to explain the process and their research goals to us. We also collected data on which kind of animals pass by in the area. We walked in the mountains near the highest limit of the trees, also called the tree line, to take these measurements.

The ecosystem here is awesome and I understand why they are concerned about preserving this area’s beauty. I feel the same way about places near my home in Quebec. We are lucky to have it and we will have to work together to maintain it, which depends on what each person does every day. We have to live with nature in mind.

I want to thank the people I have met here.


Photo#1 above – Field site 6

Today we worked on this mountain, which shows signs of a past avalanche.



Photo#2 above– Here, the team heads to the tree line where we will begin our research.


Photo#3 above– Larissza Keresztes searches for trees with bands, which measure tree growth over time.



Photo#4 above – Albert Burgas and Patrick Dight measure birds and record the details.


Photo #5 above – Getting oriented at the field site.

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