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Alcoa’s Bright products offer an unbeatable response to bright and anodized surface treatments and are ideal for a number of consumer electronic applications such as TVs and notebooks. Their metallurgical structure enables the drawing and forming required by customers' demanding applications. This is achieved through the use of very sophisticated manufacturing technology applied to high purity alloys.
Technical Data

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Surface Qualities
All our surface finishes – from Mill Finish to Grand Brillant – are appreciated for their uniform appearance. Brillo, Fini Brillant and Grand Brillant surfaces reach specular gloss values from 72% up to 85% . All respond excellently to further surface treatments such as brightening, anodizing or lacquering.
In addition to surface finish and reflectivity, many applications such as cosmetic packaging and reflectors demand material with optimised mechanical properties. Alcoa provides aluminium alloys with metallurgical structure and mechanical properties to meet the demands of our customers forming processes, which include drawing, deep drawing and spinning.
ISO 9001 – Quality Standard
ISO 14001 – Environmental Standard
Our products comply with FDA and European directives regarding the use of aluminium in contact with food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Packaging and surface protection
Vertical or horizontal packing, pallet or case. Products can be delivered with surface protection such as paper interleave or plastic film.

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