Application + Design


In a market space where success depends on style as much as on function and price, manufacturers are finding a competitive edge in the look and feel of aluminum. Consumers have learned to regard it as a high-end material. And both designers and OEMs appreciate a metal that can reduce parts, shorten assembly time, boost product and system performance, and trim costs.


If you’re a designer looking for innovative applications for consumer electronics, turn to Alcoa. We’ll give you an introduction to aluminum itself; examine processes for turning raw materials into finished products; and suggest practices worth considering when the goal is to design a product that’s eco-friendly, compact, lightweight, and engaging — in short, an object of desire.


And we know that product cycles in consumer electronics can be short. We have expertise in fields as divergent as thermal management; engineered surfaces; systems integration; LED, LCD and other display technologies; metallurgy and metalworking; packaging; environmental issues; quality assurance; and testing. Finding all these disciplines under one roof can spell the difference between just meeting a deadline and creating a superior product. That expertise can be found with Alcoa.