Alcoa's Ferrari Production Facility: An Elegant Symbol of a Legendary Brand

Ferrari is more than just a type of car—it's a legend. To achieve that status, Ferrari has carefully cultivated a world-renowned reputation for outstanding beauty, performance and quality.

For more than a decade, Alcoa has been privileged to contribute to Ferrari's success as a strategic partner, supplying the aluminum frames for its Grand Turismo automobiles. So when Alcoa updated its automotive assembly plant in Modena, Italy, the facility needed to be consistent with Ferrari's highly refined image.

To achieve this goal while effectively managing construction costs, the architects integrated brushed natural aluminum, aluminum in perfect Ferrari red and transparent glass. The result is an energetic contrast between different colors and materials, embodying the spirit of the partnership between Ferrari and Alcoa. Another characteristic feature is the floating tower of glass above the entry area, which seemingly grows out of the aluminum façade itself.

Approximately 490 m2 of recyclable composite panels from Reynobond® Architecture in brushed aluminum and special Ferrari red were installed. All panels were coated with DURAGLOSS® 5000 special coating from Alcoa Architectural Products. This coating is available in any customer color and offers high resistance to abrasion, salt, moisture and UV radiation. Additionally, it can be enhanced with anti-graffiti, anti-bacterial, anti-scratch or easy-clean coatings.

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