China and Alcoa

The Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre, in Jiangsu province, China, served as the main stadium for the 10th National Games in 2005 and also will be a centerpiece of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Occupying a total of 89.6 hectares of land, with 400,000 square meters of floor area, the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre features a main stadium, gymnasium, swimming stadium, tennis center, news center and auxiliary projects, such as communications, engineering and energy centers.

The designers of this state-of-the-art facility, HOK Sport + Venue + Event, the world's leading public assembly design firm, sought to create an exceptional facility worthy of being at the center of the world stage. For part of the roofing of the massive project, they tapped Alcoa Europe Building and Construction for its experience, expertise, and its ability to deliver, in short lead times, Reynolux®, a unique, prepainted product from Alcoa that uses coil-coating techniques to enable one or more coats of paint to be applied. Reynolux is known the world over as an excellent multipurpose material for roofing, façade cladding, and many indoor and outdoor uses. It provides exceptional resistance against UV light and protection against weathering for high durability and long life expectancy. The optimal adherence of its paint allows the Reynolux product to be bent into many complex shapes.

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