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Alcoa Power Generating Inc. ("APGI") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcoa Inc. ("Alcoa"), the nation's (and the world's) leading producer of primary aluminum and fabricated aluminum. APGI exists primarily to generate, purchase or manage electricity for Alcoa's use in its aluminum smelters and other industrial processes.
APGI is only incidentally in the electric transmission business. APGI owns transmission facilities that are part of the interstate transmission grid and has its own open access transmission tariffs ("OATTs"). However, APGI differs from a vertically integrated electric utility in that its ownership of transmission plant is an outgrowth of Alcoa's history of constructing generation to serve its industrial load in locations not served by a local utility. Thus, APGI's transmission facilities connect Alcoa industrial load to Alcoa generation and to the transmission network for reliability purposes. With one exception, APGI's transmission facilities rarely are used for transmission by others.

Specifically, two of Alcoa's former power subsidiaries, now divisions of APGI, own interstate transmission facilities. The two divisions are the APGI Long Sault division and the APGI Yadkin division. Prior to consolidation into APGI, these two subsidiaries filed and made effective OATTs pursuant to FERC Order 888; the limited transmission facilities owned by the other APGI Divisions in the states of Indiana and Washington were and continue to be exempt from Order 888's OATT requirements.

Alcoa Power Generating, Inc. (APGI) Transmission Planning "Straw Man"

This document is the straw man proposal describing the transmission planning process to be used by APGI in compliance with FERC Order No. 890.

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What's an OASIS?OASIS means Open Access Same-Time Information System. An OASIS is an electronic site for transmitting utility information to customers in accordance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Rule 889.

Standards of Conduct
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