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From 1/16-inch-diameter fasteners that hold an aircraft together to 32-meter aluminum plate for the world’s largest passenger airliners, Alcoa’s aerospace portfolio is diversified and strong.

The company’s technologies continue to be chosen by aircraft manufacturers around the world, with Alcoa developing its solutions faster than ever before for commercial jetliners, combat aircraft and military airlifters.

New-generation twin-aisle aircraft, such as the A380 and 747-8, are flying with new Alcoa sheet and plate product inventions, aluminum-lithium extruded floor structures and the world’s largest fuselage panels and wing skins.

Even the more composite-intensive jetliners rely on Alcoa products, from the first large application of aluminum-lithium commercial aircraft plate on 787s and aluminum-lithium extruded floor structures for A380s to new-generation fasteners developed specifically for primary composite structures.

In Alcoa’s balanced aerospace portfolio, aerospace structures account for 34 percent of the business (based on 2010 revenues). This includes Alcoa Global Rolled Products and Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions, where Alcoa has very unique capabilities. In terms of size, no one makes it bigger: Alcoa manufactures 32-meter plate for the 747 and A380 wing skins, and 3.4-meter-wide fuselage skin sheet for the A380. Alcoa produces the world’s largest seamless tubes and hollow shapes for aluminum extrusions. And Alcoa created the world’s largest aerospace forgings to reduce weight and cost on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The company also is a significant player in the regional airliner and business aviation market, where decisions by aircraft manufacturers to use aluminum-intensive airframes and aluminum wings are confirming the value of metallic solutions.

Alcoa Howmet represents 36 percent of the company’s aerospace portfolio. Alcoa is a leading manufacturer of aero engine airfoils, and also makes structural castings out of titanium, aluminum and nickel-based alloys for aerospace engines and more.

Alcoa Fastening Systems is comprised of specialty-engineered fastening systems that range from high temperature, high-strength fasteners for both airframe and engine applications to very complex latches, installation tool systems and machine components, such as hydraulic fittings. Accounting for 30 percent of aerospace revenues, Alcoa fasteners exhibit critical dimensional characteristics controlled within very tightly tolerances—sometimes a few tenths of a thousandth of an inch.

Looking to the future, Alcoa is well positioned to remain the aerospace industry’s supplier of choice, with a competence that goes well beyond materials to an understanding of how materials can work together with structural and design innovations in providing optimal solutions when aircraft are built, flown, maintained – and ultimately recycled after completing their operational lifetimes.

Alcoa’s commitment to innovation is backed by the full resources of the company’s technical teams and the Alcoa Technical Center, which is the world’s largest light metals research facility.

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