September 28, 2004

Facts About the Yadkin Shoreline Management Plan:Examining the Impact of the Past 5 Years

Since the Yadkin Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) was implemented on July 1, 1999, it has proven to be an effective tool in managing shoreline activities at High Rock, Badin, Tuckertown and Falls lakes. The SMP is designed to allow shoreline development while ensuring that important environmental and cultural resources are appropriately protected.
A look back at the past five years shows a considerable amount of shoreline activity since July 1, 1999. Here is a brief summary of that activity:
Private Pier Permints & Activity
  • 154 new private piers approved on High Rock and Badin lakes
  • 239 replacement piers approved on High Rock and Badin lakes
  • 1,076 private pier transfers to new owners approved on High Rock and Badin lakes
  • 92 shoreline stabilization requests approved on High Rock and Badin lakes
  • 160 excavation requests approved on High Rock Lake to improve pier access
  • 112 private individual irrigation permits approved on High Rock and Badin lakes
  • 80 request approved for removal of “risk” trees at High Rock, Badin and Tuckertown lakes
Multi-Use and Industrial Permits & Activity
  • 20 multi-use facilities approved on High Rock and Badin lakes:
      - 4 marinas, 6 boat ramps, 10 multi-use facilities
      - Projects include Fish Tales Marina, Skip Jack Harbor, River’s   Edge
  • Four subdivisions approved after consultation with state, federal agencies
      - 1 major subdivision (Yachtman's Point, 105 shoreline lots) and three smaller subdivisions
  • Nine public access improvement projects approved and implemented
      - Launch ramp extensions, courtesy docks and other upgrades funded by Alcoa -Yadkin*
      - Projects include Dutch Second Creek, Flat Swamp Access, Flat Creek Access
      - * Flat Creek Access funded in conjunction with NC Wildlife Resources Commission
  • Four industrial use permits approved after consultation with state, federal agencies
Shoreline Protection
  • 5,868 acres managed as 100’ forested setback
    Includes 3,500+ acres of commercial forest land owned by Alcoa -Yadkin
Environmental Mitigation Measures
  • Additional lap trees, native aquatic vegetation and fish habitat installed
  • Native plant materials installed in areas disturbed by construction activity
  • Additional 100 trees installed to improve upland habitat near a historic development
  • Developer recreated a 100’ vegetated buffer along 400’ of shoreline in Davidson County during multi-use facility application process
  • Developer implemented restrictive covenants on all lots, requiring 100’ setback and minimal vegetation removal
  • Developer to require permanent conservation easements to protect 9.4 acres of wetland, riparian and upland habitat in conjunction with proposed development
  • Developer provided funding for multi-year aquatic vegetation study on Badin Lake
  • Developer to provide funding for habitat improvement to NC Wildlife Resource Commission in conjunction with proposed development
Recreation and Safety Measures Funded by Alcoa
  • New signs at public recreation areas provide safety information in English and Spanish
  • Additional safety equipment provided at public swim areas
    Buoy lines, throw bags, telephones, etc.
  • $25,000 donated to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department for new patrol boat
  • Funding provided to local sheriff’s for reservoir safety patrols