May 31, 2012

Alcoa introduces Yadkin OspreyCam

Live feed provides close-up look at three young Osprey chicks at Yadkin Hydro Project

Alcoa launched a new webcam today that provides a live feed of three osprey chicks recently hatched in a nest atop the Narrows Dam. The Yadkin OspreyCam can be seen at www.alcoa.com/ospreycam
“Our employees have been watching ospreys build nests and raise families on top of the dam for several years. This year, we decided to capture and share this natural wonder with a live camera that allows everyone to get an up-close view of the chicks,” said Marshall Olson, Alcoa environmental and natural resources manager.
The nest, built atop a custom-made platform erected by Alcoa employees to provide additional support, features three young osprey chicks hatched about one month ago. The parents, nicknamed Oliveea and Oscar by employees, feed the chicks fish from the Yadkin River and protect them from potential predators.
Ospreys are large birds — with a wingspan of 5-6 feet — that resemble bald eagles. The birds live along rivers, lakes and other large bodies of water where they can feed on fish.
The chicks, which weigh about 2 ounces when they  hatch, grow quickly. Their feathers will  continue to come in during the next month and the chicks will start flapping their wings in preparation for flight in July. By August, the young adults usually begin to migrate south.
The open water and large tracts of undeveloped shoreline at the Yadkin Project provide the perfect setting for wildlife such as bald eagles, ospreys, great blue herons and great egrets.
“We are proud that our commitment to preserving the natural habitat around the Yadkin Project has maintained an environment where bald eagles, ospreys and other wildlife can continue to thrive,” Olson said.
Alcoa also operates an EagleCam that provides a live look at three bald eagle chicks in Davenport, Iowa. The site, www.alcoa.com/eaglecam, has received more than 10 million visitors this year.
About the Yadkin Project
For nearly a century, Alcoa Power Generating Inc. (APGI) has generated clean, renewable energy along the Yadkin River.  The Yadkin Hydroelectric Project includes four dams and reservoirs – High Rock Lake, Tuckertown, Badin Lake and Falls – where North Carolinians enjoy boating, fishing, camping and other recreational opportunities.