Waterski Course Permitting Procedures


Yadkin Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 2197)
July 1, 2002


The Yadkin Hydroelectric Project includes four reservoirs: High Rock, Tuckertown, Narrows (locally known as Badin Lake), and Falls. The Yadkin Project is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). As a FERC licensee, Alcoa Power Generating Inc., Yadkin Division (Yadkin) operates and manages the four Project reservoirs in accordance with the terms of its license and the applicable rules and regulations of FERC. Yadkin is responsible for providing public access to Project lands and reservoirs for public recreation, while protecting natural, environmental, cultural, and scenic resources.


Historically, Yadkin has allowed water ski courses on two of the four Project reservoirs (High Rock and Narrows Reservoirs). Beginning May 1, 2003,Yadkin will require prior written permission for the construction and operation of all (new and/or existing) water ski courses, including slalom, jump and trick courses (“Courses”) on High Rock and Narrows Reservoirs to 1) require that the Courses are constructed in accordance with the requirements of the most recent edition of the American Water Ski Association, 2) consider the interests of adjoining property owners, 3) minimize potential recreation use conflicts between water skiers and other reservoir users, 4) provide the natural resources and public safety agencies an opportunity to comment on the presence of the Courses, and 5) preserve the Project’s natural, environmental, cultural, and scenic resources. Yadkin will continue its practice of not allowing Courses on Falls and Tuckertown Reservoirs.


The following permitting procedures will apply to all Courses on High Rock and Narrows Reservoirs at the Yadkin Project. Yadkin will begin issuing written permits for Courses on High Rock and Narrows Reservoirs on May 1, 2003. Existing courses (courses that exist as of or have existed prior to December 31, 2002) will not be “grandfathered”. These procedures outline a two-part process, which will be required for the review and permitting of Courses.


To the extent applicable, the requirements of the Yadkin Shoreline Stewardship Policy or other applicable Yadkin procedures or requirements shall also apply to the construction, maintenance, and operation of Courses.


Water Ski Course Permitting Procedures

Generally, the party desiring to construct and operate the Course(s), and be responsible therefore (the “Responsible Party”), will be required to:


  1. Annually complete an Application for an “Activity Permit”.
  2. Annually obtain liability insurance in the form and amount required by Yadkin.
  3. Annually sign and ensure full compliance with an Activity Permit, issued by Yadkin.


Pre-Application Meeting (Optional)

The Responsible Party, who wishes to construct and operate the Course(s) on High Rock or Narrows reservoirs, may meet with Yadkin prior to submitting an Application for an Activity Permit. The purpose of a Pre-Application Meeting is to review the permitting procedures in advance of an application submission to avoid any confusion or delay. The Pre-Application Meeting should be, at a minimum, 90 days prior to the desired construction and/or operation date of the Course(s).