Water Ski Course Permitting Procedures
Approval Criteria


If the Application is complete and meets the following approval criteria, then Yadkin may issue the Activity Permit to the Responsible Party. The approval criteria are:


  1. An application fee has been submitted to Yadkin.
  2. Only Courses that have been designed in accordance with the requirements of the most recent edition of the AWSA’s “Official Tournament Rules”, including but not limited to “Official Slalom Course Design”, “Official Jump Course Design”, “Ramp Setting Chart” and the “Official Trick Course Diagram” and constructed and operated in accordance with Rules 8 (Equipment and Definitions), 9 (Jumping), 10 (Slalom), 11 (Tricks) and 12 (Safety Requirements) will be permitted. No other water ski Courses shall be permitted, as applicable.
  3. Courses will not be permitted in the main channel.
  4. When proposing a location for the construction and operation of a Course, the following should be considered: the reservoir and shoreline environment will not be adversely impacted; the Course will not be located in a high use area or within 100 feet of existing boat ramps and/or docks, fishing piers, or swimming areas; and compliance with any local, state or federal laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.
  5. Courses will not be permitted on Tuckertown or Falls Reservoirs.
  6. Courses may be used between sunrise and sunset only (night skiing and/or jumping is not permitted).
  7. Courses may only be operated from May 15 through September 15 of each year. Construction of the Course(s) shall not occur prior to May 1 and if the Activity Permit includes a requirement that the Course must be removed, then removal must be complete prior to September 30.
  8. Membership to the water ski organization or association must be open to the general public, however, membership may be based upon the applicant’s qualifications.
  9. Resolution of issues identified by agencies, homeowners’ associations, or other commenters on the Application is the sole responsibility of the Responsible Party. Yadkin will not approve the requested Activity Permit without resolution of issues. The Responsible Party must demonstrate satisfactory resolution of the issues.
  10. The Responsible Party must carry the following insurance: Comprehensive General Liability Insurance for personal injury and property damage in the amount and form required by Yadkin.


The foregoing insurance shall be primary, without right of contribution of any other insurance carried by or on behalf of Yadkin or Alcoa. The insurance shall be placed with financially responsible insurers and contain provision for a 20-day notice of cancellation to Yadkin. Alcoa Power Generating Inc. and Alcoa Inc. shall be named as additional insureds on the general liability insurance policy.


Prior to issuance of the Activity Permit, the Responsible Party shall furnish to Yadkin, in form satisfactory to Yadkin, certificates to evidence the minimum insurance(s) and endorsement(s) to the policies required above. Yadkin reserves the right to, at such other times as it deems necessary in its sole discretion, review the insurance coverage to (i) verify compliance with the terms of this provision, and (ii) ensure that such coverage is sufficient given the scope of operations of the Course(s).


Failure to receive Yadkin’s written permission for the construction, maintenance and operation of a Course and any failure to comply with the provisions of the Activity Permit, Yadkin’s Shoreline Stewardship Policy, or other applicable Yadkin procedures or requirements will be considered a violation of these permitting procedures. The primary sanctions for violations of these permitting procedures can include the loss of eligibility for an Activity Permit for a Course, the termination of an existing Activity Permit, and the required removal of the Course at the expense of the Responsible Party.