Water Ski Course Permitting Procedures
Activity Permit Application


At least 30 days prior to the desired date of construction of the Course(s), the Responsible Party must submit a completed Application for an Activity Permit to Yadkin. If the Application is complete, meets Yadkin’s approval criteria (see below), and the applicant has provided Yadkin the Application fee and proof of insurance, Yadkin may issue the Activity Permit. The Activity Permit, if issued, will give the Responsible Party permission to construct and operate the proposed Course(s). The Application for an Activity Permit must include the following:


  1. The name, mailing address, and phone number of the Responsible Party.
  2. A map that delineates the location and extent of the Course(s).
  3. A plan(s) for the design and construction of the Course(s) at a scale of 1:2,400 (1 inch = 200 feet) or larger. The plan(s) should include a description of the Course(s), to include major dimensions.
  4. A statement by the Responsible Party certifying that the design meets and the construction and operation of the Course(s) will meet the requirements of the most recent edition of the American Water Ski Association’s (AWSA) “Official Tournament Rules”, including but not limited to the “Official Slalom Course Design”, “Official Jump Course Design”, the “Ramp Setting Chart”, and “Official Trick Course Diagram” and Rules 8 (Equipment and Definitions), 9 (Jumping), 10 (Slalom), 11 (Tricks) and 12 (Safety Requirements), as applicable.
  5. Except as otherwise provided herein, documentation of agency consultation and a public comment period (defined below).

  6. Copies of all local, state, and federal permits required for the construction and/or operation of the Course(s) in lakes or reservoirs.

  7. Proof of insurance: all Courses must carry comprehensive general liability insurance for personal injury and property damage in the amount and form required by Yadkin, and upon terms and conditions satisfactory to Yadkin. Such insurance must be primary and must name Alcoa Power Generating Inc. and Alcoa Inc. as additional insureds. (See approval criteria for additional information).

  8. A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $250.00.