The Tuckertown development is located in Rowan, Davidson, Stanly, and Montgomery counties, North Carolina on the Yadkin River at river mile 244.3. Completed in 1962, the Tuckertown development was the last of the Project developments to be built. The Tuckertown development consists of a dam, powerhouse, and reservoir. Tuckertown Reservoir has a normal full pool area of 2,560 acres and a drainage area of 4,080 square miles. The normal full pool elevation of Tuckertown Reservoir is 564.7 feet (USGS datum).


Hydrostation Facts

The Tuckertown powerhouse is located immediately downstream of the intake structure between the east non-overflow and middle non-overflow gravity sections of the dam. The powerhouse contains three Kaplan turbine units directly connected to generators. Each unit has a licensed capacity of 12.68 MW for a total licensed capacity of 38.04 MW. The plant is automated and is operated remotely controlled from Alcoa, Tennessee.


The Tuckertown development is operated as a run-of-river facility. Due to its limited ability to store water, Tuckertown is operated with a normal daily fluctuation of 0 to 3 feet and there is no seasonal drawdown. The maximum drawdown capability at Tuckertown is approximately 3 feet.


Date Opened:  1962

Full Pool Elevation: 564.7 feet

Surface Area Acreage: 2,560 acres

Generating Capacity: 38.04 megawatts

NC Counties: Rowan, Davidson, Stanly, Montgomery