Stewardship Policy
VIII. Vegetation Removal (see Shoreline Cleanup, Section X)


  1. The removal of trees, stumps, brush, or any other form of vegetation, living or dead, along the shoreline below the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir or on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer is prohibited without written permission from Yadkin.
  2. For new development in subdivisions platted and recorded on or after July 1, 1999, a 100-foot forested setback must be maintained. To remain eligible for a private recreation facility permit, removal of vegetation within the 100-foot forested setback is limited to that allowed under Section III.A.5.
  3. Removal of any vegetation from any portion of the 100-foot forested setback on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer requires a written permit from Yadkin. For adjoining property owners (in new subdivisions as well as in subdivisions platted and recorded prior to July 1, 1999) who satisfy the requirements described in Section III of this Policy on their property, vegetation removal from the Yadkin-Managed Buffer will generally be considered, by written permit, in accordance with the criteria listed under Section III.A.5. Failure to secure a permit from Yadkin prior to removing any vegetation from the Yadkin-Managed Buffer, or removal in any manner other than as permitted by Yadkin, is subject to enforcement as set forth in Section XIV below.