Stewardship Policy
XI. Private Irrigation Systems


  1. Installation of new private irrigation systems that utilize the Project reservoirs as a water source require a written permit from Yadkin. The following information must be included in the application:
    1. A property map showing the location of the irrigation system including the intake pipe and pump, and the location of the area to be served by the irrigation system.
    2. A design drawing of the irrigation system to be installed.
    3. An estimate of the amount of water to be withdrawn from the reservoir for irrigation purposes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
    4. A schedule for installation of the irrigation system.
  2. Yadkin may permit the installation of new private irrigation systems on a case-by-case basis where such systems meet the following criteria:
    1. The pumps and machinery for the new irrigation system are either attached to a pier for that lot or are set back at least 100 feet from the normal full-pool shoreline elevation. No pumps or machinery are permitted in the reservoirs, and in general, pumps and machinery are not allowed on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer.
    2. All electrical lines are in conduit and piping and conduit associated with the irrigation system are located along the pathway (under or alongside) that Yadkin has permitted within the 100-foot forested setback and result in no additional clearing of vegetation within the 100-foot forested setback.
    3. The adjoining property owner has preserved or recreated a forested area between the reservoir shoreline and the lawn, garden, or other area to be irrigated. The width of the forested area will be 100 feet for lots in new subdivisions platted and recorded on or after July 1, 1999. The width of the required forested area for all other lots will be determined by Yadkin on a case-by-case basis.
    4. The system is designed such that it adequately addresses safety and environmental impacts.
  3. Irrigation systems, existing as of July 1, 1999, may remain in place, as the facilities existed on that date together with any subsequent modifications or repairs approved by Yadkin pursuant to a written construction permit or not requiring a county building permit, so long as the system is maintained in good repair, until such time that the property is sold or transferred to a new owner. At the time of transfer, Yadkin will inspect the existing system and determine what modifications to the system, if any, are necessary before the permit will be transferred. Existing irrigation systems are transferable, so long as (i) the facilities have been maintained in good repair, (ii) the current property owner has complied with the terms of this Policy and all other applicable Yadkin procedures and requirements, and (iii) the new property owner has signed a permit for the irrigation system, in accordance with Yadkin’s requirements. Any modifications or repairs to existing irrigation systems requiring a county building permit requires a construction permit.
  4. Transfer of private irrigation systems will be handled as part of a private pier transfer (see Yadkin’s Specifications for Private Recreation Facilities). If there is no pier to transfer, prior to the sale or transfer of adjoining property, the existing property owner (seller) or the seller’s agent must contact Yadkin to request an irrigation system transfer. Upon request, Yadkin will arrange a site visit. If (i) the facilities are determined to be in good repair, and (ii) the seller has complied with all applicable Yadkin procedures and requirements, Yadkin will provide the seller or the seller’s agent with a form to request transfer of the permit. In order for the transfer to be effective, the applicable transfer fee must be paid and a new permit must be completed and signed by the new owner at the time of closing. If the irrigation system is deemed not transferable, Yadkin will provide the seller or the seller’s agent with a written description of repairs (up to and including replacement of the existing irrigation system with a new system) or other actions that must be undertaken before the irrigation system will be transferable.
  5. Yadkin may require removal of unapproved or non-conforming irrigation systems.
  6. During times of low water or drought conditions, Yadkin may request that operation of all private irrigation systems cease. Failure to comply with such a request may result in termination of the permit and the adjoining property owner, at the owner’s sole expense, being required to remove the irrigation system, and other enforcement as described in Section XIV, below.