Stewardship Policy
II. General Stewardship Provisions


  1. Yadkin’s highest priority under this Policy is to preserve the natural character of the shoreline. In certain circumstances described below, Yadkin will permit modifications to the shoreline and the Yadkin-Managed Buffer. Even where permitted by Yadkin, Yadkin expects alterations to the shoreline and the Yadkin-Managed Buffer to be minimized, and if such alteration will result in adverse impacts to reservoir or shoreline resources or Project operations, these impacts must be adequately mitigated. Yadkin encourages adjoining property owners to prepare plans for proposed development of houses, piers, yards, pathways, and other facilities that utilize natural materials and preserve the natural shoreline setting. Those who do so will minimize disturbance along the shoreline and will be rewarded by the benefits and beauty of a more natural environment.
  2. Yadkin considers installation of any permitted facilities or structures in the reservoir, along the shoreline or on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer, to be temporary. Accordingly, Yadkin requires that all facilities, including piers, pathways, stairs, ramps, and retaining walls, be constructed of such materials and in such a manner that allow easy removal and restoration of the natural shoreline. Generally, wood and uncemented rock, stone, and paving block are the preferred materials. Concrete and masonry are not allowed.
  3. Yadkin prohibits the operation of any equipment (vehicles, backhoes, bulldozers, skidders, tractors, all terrain vehicles, etc.) in the reservoirs, along the shoreline, or on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer, except by written permit.