Stewardship Policy
X. Shoreline Cleanup (see Vegetation Removal, Section VIII)


  1. The removal of dead trees, stumps, or other woody or natural debris that exists in the reservoirs, along the shoreline below the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir or on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer is prohibited without written permission from Yadkin. Such material provides cover for fish, and its presence greatly enhances fish habitat in the reservoirs. Yadkin may grant a permit for woody debris removal on a case-by-case basis for purposes of safety or recreational access. Anyone requesting approval from Yadkin for shoreline cleanup must obtain a written permit from Yadkin. Movement or removal of lap trees may only occur with Yadkin’s written permission. In cases where movement or removal is necessary, Yadkin will require movement or removal in accordance with its Procedures For Implementation Of Those Portions Of The Shoreline Management Plan Relating To The Removal Or Relocation Of Lap Trees, approved by FERC on May 9, 2001.
  2. Floating debris, litter, and trash (bottles, cans, tires, plastic containers, styrofoam, logs, etc.) can be removed from the reservoir and shoreline at any time, and does not require Yadkin approval as long as the method of removal complies with the other requirements of this Policy.