Stewardship Policy
IX. Aquatic Vegetation


  1. Yadkin prohibits the removal or destruction of aquatic vegetation growing in the reservoirs or along the immediate shoreline within the Project Boundary. Aquatic vegetation provides very important habitat for fish and other aquatic life forms and must not be cut, removed or in any way harmed by adjoining property owners.
  2. Consistent with NCWRC guidance, Yadkin may allow the construction of new private piers in shoreline areas where there is aquatic vegetation present, so long as the pier conforms to the specifications set forth in the construction permit and the adjoining property owner assumes responsibility for the health and viability of the aquatic vegetation. Specific requirements relative to these standards will be contained in an Aquatic Vegetation Agreement (referred to in Section IV of the Specifications for Private Recreation Facilities), which must be signed by the adjoining property owner before a construction permit will be issued.
  3. Yadkin may, from time to time, grant written permission for the removal of certain forms of non-native or nuisance aquatic plants. The permission will only be made with the concurrence of the NCWRC.