Alcoa-Yadkin developed its Shoreline Management Plan with input from a cross-section of homeowners and regulatory agencies.  The plan is designed to balance recreation and public access with important environmental issues. 


It places special emphasis on practices that can positively impact water quality and the environment in and around the lakes.


The plan also encourages responsible development around the reservoirs. 


It has “Conservation Zones” along certain shoreline areas that are important to the environmental health of the lakes and wildlife in nearby areas. 


The Shoreline Management Plan also outlines a Shoreline Stewardship Policy, Specifications for Private Recreation Facilities at High Rock and Narrows Reservoirs, Subdivision Access Approval, Multi-use Facility Permitting, and Industrial Approval Procedures.


When Alcoa-Yadkin receives a new long-term license, it will revise the Shoreline Management Plan to provide greater flexibility regarding the construction of new piers and other related activities, while ensuring development is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.