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Alcoa-Yadkin recognizes the importance of keeping lake residents and recreational users updated about current lake conditions. The information on this web site is designed to provide as much detail as possible about current lake levels, including hourly lake level measurements and a daily forecast. Click on a specific reservoir for more detailed lake level information, including daily, monthly and historical data.


Current Lake Conditions
Yadkin Datum 10/25/2014
Hour Ending: 3:00:00 PM

Lake Lake Elevation Feet Below Full Pond Fluctuation Forecast
High Rock 643.6 Feet 11.4 Feet
Tuckertown 593.3 Feet 2.7 Feet
Badin (Narrows) 539.9 Feet 1.2 Feet
Falls 362.8 Feet 1.2 Feet
Expected to RISE
Expected to FALL
Expected to remain SAME

Lake levels will fluctuate on a daily and seasonal basis due to weather conditions and electricity generation. The information contained on this web site is designed to provide accurate and timely information regarding current lake levels; however, this information is subject to change.

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