FERC Filings & Reports


  • Final Environmental Impact Statement
    Issued by FERC Staff on April 18, 2008
    This document is considered the official public record of the Yadkin Project relicensing.  It reflects the view of stakeholders (including government agencies and other interested parties) and contains the opinion of FERC staff regarding APGI’s license application.
    Click here to download the Final Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Yadkin Relicensing Settlement Agreement
    Submitted to FERC on May 7, 2007
    This document represents a collective agreement about how the Yadkin Project should be operated for the next 50 years.  The agreement was formally signed by 23 organizations representing a wide range of environmental, economic and recreational interests.
    Click here to download the Relicensing Settlement Agreement.
  • APGI License Application for the Yadkin Project
    Submitted to FERC on April 26, 2006
    This document is APGI’s formal application for a new license to operate the Yadkin Project.  It contains extensive information that is required by FERC to assist in the review process.
    Click here to access the APGI License Application.


Additional Information

All FERC filings related to the Yadkin Hydroelectric Project are available at www.ferc.gov. To access the documents, select “Documents & Filings,” “elibrary,” and “Advanced Search.” Enter Docket Number “P-2197” and SubDocket “073” to search for documents within a specific date range.


Additional relicensing information, such as copies of technical studies conducted during the relicensing process, is available upon request.