Private Recreation Facility Specifications


  1. These Specifications of Alcoa Power Generating Inc. (APGI), through its Yadkin Division (Yadkin), apply to private recreation facilities for either a single lot or two adjoining lots. All other private or public recreation facilities are governed by Yadkin’s Subdivision Access Approval, Multi-Use Facility Permitting, and Industrial Approval Procedures.
  2. Yadkin permits private recreation facilities on High Rock and Narrows reservoirs only. No private facilities are permitted on Tuckertown or Falls reservoirs. The only new facilities permitted are piers, and no new private recreation facilities of other types, such as boat launch ramps or boat houses, are permitted. Generally, a private recreation facility is considered “new” if the applicable County’s building permitting department indicates that the building code defines the facility as new. Based on the requirements set forth in these Specifications and in Yadkin’s Shoreline Stewardship Policy (Stewardship Policy), not all lots adjacent to High Rock and Narrows reservoirs will be eligible for a private pier.
  3. These Specifications should be read in conjunction with the Stewardship Policy, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of Yadkin and other stakeholders along the reservoirs.
  4. Property owners whose property adjoins High Rock or Narrows reservoirs or the Yadkin-Managed Buffer 1 (adjoining property owners) must obtain a written construction permit before starting to construct a new pier. An onsite meeting between the adjoining property owner and a Yadkin representative is mandatory before Yadkin will issue a construction permit. Modifications (reconstruction, additions, expansion, etc.) to existing piers also require a written construction permit from Yadkin. Repairs to an existing pier that require a building permit from the applicable County also require a written construction permit from Yadkin. Additional guidance may be obtained from Yadkin upon request.
  5. Once constructed, private piers require a private recreation facility permit from Yadkin. Private recreation facility permits extend from May 1 through April 30 and must be renewed annually.
  6. All other activities undertaken in the reservoirs or along the shoreline within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)-licensed Project boundary (Project Boundary) or on the Yadkin-Managed Buffer, including installation or maintenance of shoreline erosion control measures, pathways, utilities, or irrigation equipment; vegetation removal; and excavation require a written activity permit from Yadkin before work begins. See the Stewardship Policy for procedures and requirements related to activity permits. In some cases, the permission for other activities may be included in a construction permit or private recreation facility permit.
  7. Private recreation facility permits, construction permits, and activity permits are of limited duration and are terminable by Yadkin according to the terms of the permit and as provided in Section VI below. To help defray the cost of administration, Yadkin charges a separate fee for each type of permit. A list of current fees may be obtained from Yadkin.
  8. All new construction, modifications, repairs, vegetation removal, or other activities undertaken must be done in compliance with these Specifications, the Stewardship Policy, and the terms of the construction or activity permit. The adjoining property owner is responsible for correcting or removing any structures, facilities, or activities that were not explicitly authorized in the written permit from Yadkin.
  9. An adjoining property owner applying for a construction permit, private recreation facility permit, or activity permit can arrange an onsite meeting with a Yadkin representative by contacting Yadkin in writing at PO Box 576, Badin, NC 28009 or by calling Yadkin’s toll free number, 1-888-886-1063, or 704-422-5680. The adjoining property owner (applicant) should be prepared to provide the following information: Name, address, telephone number, development (subdivision), section, lot number, tax map, parcel number, and reason for the call. If you have a question, please contact a Yadkin representative at the above phone numbers.
  10. An on-site visit between the adjoining property owner and a Yadkin representative is mandatory before Yadkin will issue a construction permit for a new pier. During the on-site visit for a new pier, Yadkin will make a general inspection of the planned pier site. Yadkin will check the location of the planned pier with respect to known archaeological sites to determine that no known sites are located in close proximity to the proposed pier location. If there is a known archaeological site proximate to the location of the planned pier site, Yadkin will consult with the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources (NCDCR) to determine what measures should be taken to protect the known site. Yadkin will also make a general survey of the site to determine the presence of important environmental resources. In cases where there are unique or important environmental features proximate to the site, Yadkin may choose to consult with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) to determine what measures can be taken to protect the resource(s).
  11. All adjoining lots under common deed, for use as a single residence, are considered to be one lot.

  12. The adjoining property owner’s house must be under roof before a construction permit will be granted.

  13. Piers must not interfere with navigation, ingress, or egress to adjoining properties or in any manner present a safety hazard and must be consistent with the Stewardship Policy and other environmental values of the Project.
  14. Private piers and other facilities permitted by Yadkin are not to be used for docking or mooring seaplanes (or other aircraft) or houseboats.
  15. The Yadkin private recreation facility permit number must be displayed somewhere on, or in close proximity to, the permitted facility such that the permit number is clearly visible from the water.
  16. These Specifications may be revised by Yadkin from time to time and the revisions will be effective when reissued.
  17. Yadkin has endeavored to make these Specifications clear and useable for adjoining property owners. However, from time to time there may be questions regarding interpretation of these Specifications or matters not specifically addressed by these Specifications. These will be resolved by Yadkin giving due consideration to the underlying goals reflected in these Specifications as well as Yadkin’s Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) approved by FERC on November 9, 2000.


(1)Property managed by Yadkin includes the land below waters of the reservoirs and the generating facilities. In addition, along many areas of the Project reservoir shorelines, Yadkin manages property owned by APGI or its parent company, Alcoa Inc. (Alcoa). Often, ownership of these shoreline parcels is to a specific elevation contour and, therefore, the width of these parcels can vary considerably depending on the shoreline topography. Collectively, these strips of shoreline property, up to 100 feet from the Project Boundary, are considered “Yadkin-Managed Buffer.” In other areas, APGI/Alcoa owns shoreline property that extends back from the water a considerable distance. In these areas, the first 100 feet of shoreline property from the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoirs is also considered “Yadkin-Managed Buffer.” All other APGI/Alcoa lands more than 100 feet from the Project Boundary are referred to as “Yadkin-Managed Lands.”